Here is where you come to find answers for all things nutrition.  As I find more information that is relevant for the everyday athlete, I will post it here for you to view and learn.  If you know of a treasure trove of information covering nutrition, send it my way, I would love to review it for you guys.


Questions about supplements and nutrition?  Here is my go-to source.

These guys are awesome, all the information you want, backed by research and unbiased views.  You cannot go wrong with this site and they even have an option to subscribe to their own nutritional publication.


Alex McMahon runs and he provides exquisite, down to earth, practical, and researched nutritional advice.  Here is one of my favorites 13 Steps to Sustainable Fat Loss


Don’t like being told what and when to eat, but need some guidelines to help you make better food choices?  Tuja Wellness has you covered with this Bad Better Best List.


I subscribe to Dr. Israetel from Juggernaut Training Systems on YouTube.  He is a phenomenal source and I highly recommend you subscribe to him as well.  Here are a few of his videos that cover questions I receive all the time.